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Blue in Green Gardens works closely with clients to design and install gorgeous landscapes in NYC. We specialize in the beautification of all types of urban landscapes - terraces and rooftops, front and backyards, shared amenities and courtyard spaces in condominiums and coop buildings, and more.

Park Avenue Multiple Terraces


This unique rooftop garden sits a lofty 18 floors above Park Avenue in one of Manhattan’s most luxurious condominiums. When we first visited, the garden was a forlorn and forgotten tangle of plants, and the new owners hired us to design a refreshed and versatile new outdoor space for their new apartment. Beginning with a thoughtful design, and taking into careful consideration the clients’ passion for classic garden plants like hydrangeas, lilacs, and roses, we’ve designed and built an English garden in the sky, on Park Avenue. 

East Side Luxury Condominium Courtyard


Our work on this project began many years ago, with a massive dilapidated unused courtyard.  Working closely with MPFP Landscape Architecture, Blue in Green Gardens completely renovated these gardens in 2008. 


After moving over 25 large trees via crane, we planted hundreds of shrubs, and thousands of perennials and vines.  This garden is complete with a 900 square foot artificial turf playspace, dense perennial garden beds, and ample seating for shareholders and their guests.  

Tribeca Rooftop


This garden was initially planted in 2012 for a young family on an industrial block in downtown Manhattan.  

Blue in Green Gardens designed, installed, and still maintains this stunning rooftop, which incorperates distinct areas for entertaining, dining, outdoor cooking, and nighttime movie screenings.

Custom metal planter boxes wrap the rooftop, and are densely planted with evergreen and flowering trees, shrubs, perennials, and vines for all-year interest.  



211 East 11th Street
Suite #2
New York, NY 10003





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