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Unlock the Potential of Your Outdoor Space: Garden Design and Installation Services


Not only can we work with you to realize your landscape vision, we are there from an initial consultation, until the garden is planted, and even as it is maintained over the years.  We design unique planting schemes and garden layouts for urban backyards, rooftop gardens, terraces, and condominiums.  


Here is a brief summary of how our process works:


1- Initial consultation: During this visit, we meet for the first time in your garden to review your vision and goals for the space.  After this visit, we’ll prepare a Design Proposal, which outlines the cost of having one of our designers work with you on a master plan for your garden.


2- Site analysis: After taking detailed measurements, and taking into careful consideration the various site conditions, we’ll present some basic options/layouts for your review.  We decide together which layouts work best and develop these further.


3- Design Presentation: This is a final review of the design of your new garden, which will include details such as hardscape materials, planting plans, relevant renderings, photographs, and other details. 


4- Estimating: Once the final design is accepted, a comprehensive estimate is prepared for your review.


5- Installation: Our amazing gardeners install your new garden!  The designers and gardeners work collaboratively to oversee every aspect of the installation process, from soil testing, to coordinating with contractors and craftsmen, even assisting with board approval. Clients love working with us because we are New Yorkers creating gorgeous gardens for New Yorkers, and for decades!  With a passion for plants and a focus on nurturing our pollinator population, we’ve been working toward sustainability with the same growers of native plants since the very beginning.


6- Continuing Garden Maintenance: We have worked with some of our clients for over 20 years, and once your garden is firmly planted, we’ll be here to continue to keep your garden beautiful. 

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